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Water is very important for the survival of life on the planet. It makes life possible on earth and life without water is unimaginable. Water is the main resource without which no life can survive. Though 75% of the earth's surface is covered with water, only 2% of it is fresh water that we use.

This makes freshwater more valuable and should not be wasted. Water is as essential as air for life on the planet. The misuse of water at several places has made the water-scarce and rare. Unavailability of water could mean life and death situation for humans and other living species.

Regions around the world are facing water shortage due to low rainfall and groundwater depletion. In some places, the groundwater is either contaminated or is wasted. Such waste of natural water leads to drought situations. Population growth also has a major role to play in water depletion.

More population means more demand and hence more wastages. Moreover, as per the reports of the World Health Organization, around 844 million people don't have access to clean drinking water. This fact is alarming enough and makes it very important to save water for ourselves and for our future generations.

Jain Farms believe strongly in contributing to our society and have worked to support various causes that concern the community, including environmental sustainability, education and infrastructure. Now they have initiated a project to save water and to give an unforgettable gift to humanity.

Jain Farms has pioneered the concept of creating farmhouses and weekend home which are urban connected and makes it a convenient weekend getaway. The entire property is well designed and equipped with modern amenities, co-located with luxurious Country Club facilities, serviced with attentive full-service staff to cater to your every need. Jain Farms, with over 3000 satisfied customers, is dedicated towards developing farmhouses and the infrastructure to support them.

Till date, Jain Farms has developed farm projects of about 700+ acres at Bagalur near Bangalore, about 150 acres near Kodaikanal, about 150 acres near Hyderabad and about 150 acres near Jaipur. It is believed that these are initial steps towards building an ecosystem of environmentally developed luxurious farmlands. The distinctive Jain Farm touch of class will spread to many more scenic spots across the country.

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We have been at the forefront of championing the cause of water management and conservation through both traditional and modern techniques and technologies.

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Save Water

Whether we all realize it or not, everyone is wasting water in some capacity. Though we can't completely eliminate all water waste, we absolutely can make an impactful increase in water saved and this starts at home.

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Water saving products

Constructing new house or renovating existing washroom, use water saving taps and start saving water up to 80% from day one.

By using water saving adaptors, reduce water wastage up to 80 % by installing aerators. With no compromise on rinse-ability you can save water daily.

Bathing constitutes to average 30% of water usage at home. showers are smartly designed to ensure powerful water flow.

Jain Farms believe strongly in contributing to our society and have worked to support various causes, they have initiated a project to Save water

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We join your hands in saving water.